Whether you want a slim, colorful, thick, or MagSafe-compatible case, one of these will protect your new Pixel 7a

After years of begging, Google has answered my prayers and given the Google Pixel 7a wireless charging and a 90Hz display to match its near-flagship performance. While that makes the 7a slightly more expensive, there’s no excuse for skimping on the case you buy to protect it. After all, it’d be a real shame if anything happened to that fancier 6.1-inch screen.

From thin to thick and heavy-duty, from basic black to technicolor treasure to clear, so you can show off that hot Coral colorway, these are the best Pixel 7a cases for the best budget Android phone.

  • Poetic Neon for Pixel 7a

    Best overall

    Case trends come and go, but the dual-layer hybrid never dies. While every manufacturer and their mother makes one, the Poetic Neon is my favorite for several reasons. For instance, grip pads and a rubberized accent ring make it easy to keep hold of without being a lint magnet, and bright, two-tone color schemes leave a bold impact that competitors from Spigen and OtterBox can’t match.

  • Source: dbrand

    dbrand Grip for Pixel 7a

    Premium pick

    Dbrand’s Grip Case offers you the best of both worlds: you get the sturdy grip and careful corner cushions of a heavy-duty case and the customization of applying a new case skin when you get bored with your current design. For example, if you opt for TMNP (Teenage Mutant Ninja Pixels) it comes with four different camera bar skins, allowing your 7a to be any or all of your favorite pizza-loving turtles. The holographic Warzone and Acid also look sublime.

  • Ringke Fusion for Pixel 7a

    Best value

    Most clear cases are crystal clear and super-reflective — including the standard clear Ringke Fusion — but smooth, transparent surfaces tend to show every spec of dust, dried sweat, and dead skin. The Matte Clear version of the Fusion allows you to avoid this, but the more frosted matte glass back also lightly obscures details on the Pixel 7a’s back. So you can get the simpler Clear case or the more refined Matte Clear.

  • Source: i-Blason

    i-Blason ArmorBox Lite for Pixel 7a

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    While I desperately hoped that i-Blason would give us some fun Cosmo Series color options to match the Pixel 7a’s fun colors, at least its ArmorBox Lite gets the essentials right. Rather than using a front frame and plastic built-in protector, this kickstand case is easy to apply and instead comes with two sturdier tempered glass screen protectors.

  • Source: Spigen

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 7a

    While the Spigen Ultra Hybrid also comes in two clear case versions, the ZeroOne is by far the most unique and appealing of the series. Emulating an internal teardown while sticking to a monochromatic palette and cleaner lines for the various modules and connectors, this graphic case is the Goldilocks of case sizes: it’s not too thick to be bulky, but not so thin it can’t take a beating. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid ZeroOne gets nerdy while staying classy.

  • Pela Case for Pixel 7a

    $45 $60 Save

    Case makers try to offset their massive ecological impact by being made of some percentage of recycled plastic, but Pela’s cases are the most earth-friendly on the market. Climate Neutral certified, 100% compostable, and available in over a dozen nature-inspired designs from mushrooms to mountains, this smooth-as-silk case won’t let you down.

  • Ghostek Exec for Pixel 7a

    Once a dedicated, semi-awkward wallet case, the Ghostek Exec is now a seemingly standard heavy-duty case that comes with a nondescript detachable wallet and MagSafe support. While the Pixel 7a only supports 5W wireless charging, it’s still nice to be able to use the alignment assistance of MagSafe — as well as the ability to swap out the wallet for a kickstand or grip as desired.

  • Source: Caseology

    Caseology Capella for Pixel 7a

    Cousin to the Caseology Skyfall, the Capella gives us a clear case that perfectly displays your Pixel 7a’s color and iconic Pixel style while still adding grip. Most clear cases eschew any patterned grips to be as close to invisible as possible; however, the Caseology added micro-dot texturing to both side bumpers so that this sleek case won’t slip out of your sweaty hands.

  • Ringke Onyx for Pixel 7a

    Perfectly walking the knife’s edge between being too basic to look good and too textured to be comfortable, Ringke’s Onyx offers up grip and light impact resistance while remaining subtle in style. The back’s pattern offers grip without getting in the way of any PopSockets or grips you may use, while the sides use a more discerning dot-matrix grip pattern.

  • Torro Genuine Leather Wallet for Pixel 7a

    Want to carry your cards and cash with the Pixel 7a but prefer a more classic, sophisticated look? Torro’s genuine leather cases provide a cash flap and three card slots, and everything stays safely shut with the wraparound clasp. Black with red stitching also makes the Torro a perfect match for the Coral 7a.

  • Tudia DualShield for Pixel 7a

    Tudia’s cases have provided protection without price gouging for everything from the latest flagships to background-destined budget phones. Its Pixel 7a case offers a wide lip around the cameras and the screen to ensure nothing scratches or shatters your new digital lifeline. The polycarbonate outer layer might not be quite as grippy as the Poetic Neon, but it’s also not as lightly colored for a more understated look.

  • Source: Spigen

    Spigen Liquid Air for Pixel 7a

    Available in Black and Abyss Green, this slim-ish Pixel 7a case gives us the air cushions needed to protect against falls and the added grip to help ensure that drop protection is never tested. The diagonal hatching across the side bumpers makes it easy to keep the 7a firmly in hand while the triangular etching across the back is deep enough to provide protection while still staying shallow enough to support PopSockets and other stick-on accessories.

Balancing protection and prestige for the Best Pixel 7a cases

It almost feels wrong to call the Poetic Neon a heavy-duty case because its style and sensibilities better align with more normal hybrid cases, but it’s a well-protected case that will keep you covered for years to come. If you need something slimmer, the Ringke Fusion will flaunt your Pixel 7a’s wonderfully bold colors while staying relatively thin, as will the opaque Spigen Liquid Air or Ringke Onyx.

Among the case features becoming more prevalent this year with the Pixel 7a, we now have consistent MagSafe options from Ghostek and Peak Design, with more still on the way. Peak Design offers a more refined air with the nylon canvas cover and extra accessory compatibility, but the Ghostek Exec’s included wallet case and understated colorways offer excellent utility as well.

Speaking of utility, the i-Blason ArmorBox Lite guards the Pixel 7a’s sides and back against scratches and slips, while the tempered glass screen protectors offer better impact resistance than flimsy films and plastic frames. If you don’t opt for the ArmorBox, please be sure to grab a quality Pixel 7a screen protector to keep that 90Hz screen intact.

If you’re wondering why Google’s first-party case isn’t in here, that’s because it is not worthy. Although slim and well-colored, the official Google Pixel 7a case is too slim to offer any real impact resistance, and if any dust or dirt gets inside, the case itself will scratch your phone by pressing any debris against it. If you’re after a suitable clear case, both the Ringke Fusion and the Caseoogy Capella will have you better protected for less money. Want fun color combos? Go with the Poetic Neon for some lighter-colored fare.

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