Bungie has spent quite a bit of time and effort going after Destiny 2 cheat-makers, and it seems that the campaign is paying off. As first uncovered by Stephen Totilo of Axios, Bungie recently won a $6.7 million judgment against Lavicheats in a US district court.

As court documents read, roughly $5.5 million of that sum is for violations of the DMCA, $300,000 of it is for violations of the Copyright Act, about $600,000 is for violations of the Lanham Act, and the remaining $250,000 is for court fees and costs.

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This was a default judgment, meaning that Lavicheats never responded to the suit. According to Totilo, the Lavicheats owner is believed to live in India, which may account for this. Earlier in May, it was announced that Bungie won a similar lawsuit against VeteranCheats, AKA Mihai Claudiu-Florentin, for just over $12 million dollars. This was also a default judgment. Back in February, it won a lawsuit against a cheat-seller called AimJunkies for $4.3 million.

Cheat-sellers aren’t the only people that Bungie has sued for Destiny-related allegations. Back in July of last year, the company sued a Destiny 2 player for breaking the game’s terms of service and threatening a Bungie staff member. In other news, Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event recently began, and its Season of the Deep will start later in May.

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