huh, Why did I watch this? Why did I watch this?! Ok, this movie is boring, nonsensical and just plain generic.
The story is not bad, it’s just let down by the different scenes, the chowdery dialogue, and a lot of stupid logic throughout the plot. Are you telling me that a bunch of kids are able to steal a million-dollar rover without any of the adults or Security noticing?

Yeah, No.

Let me guess the writers wanted to make a “deep” story that Children would enjoy. They probably asked themselves this question “What do Children enjoy? And then answered;
Oh I know, How about space and being on the moon where they have nonsensical fun for no reason, yes that’s what children like watching”

No, you are wrong, It’s movies like these that make me question why Disney puts money into garbage Disney Channel Quality Like films on a streaming service that adults pay for, because if this isn’t for children (Which it’s not) then who is it for?

The only thing that holds up is I guess the CGI, it’s not bad, VFX artists did a reasonable job with what they were given.

Let me just reiterate, this film is boring, near the last Quarter of the film, I just lost interest, and I started looking at memes on my phone, and after I looked back the film was done. So yeah, instead of maybe getting a Sequel to, oh I don’t know, the many different animations Disney has made over decades, we got this. Hell, I would even Enjoy a complete remake of the original animations in 3D CGI with the stencil watercolour rendering being used for the movie Wish. Disney, Take my Idea, just do it, all I want are good animated movies, is that so much to ask?

Right the rating, it’s a 5/10, VFX and CGI do not help the film in any way, I judge the film based on how captivating and well-done the dialogue, scenes, characters(the Asian kid is annoying), story and plot are delivered. I will say though the pacing is good, it felt like a 2-hour movie, the only thing is that it was not interesting, so the film actually needed to be chopped down a little.

Don’t put yourself through torture, do not consume, watch something else, please.

Oh and a Pro tip Disney, remember when I said make animations, yeah get these kids to voice act instead, and get your VFX artists to make a beautiful animation based on the ideas your directors and writers have, not everything has to be live action, realistic 4k Ultra HD definition.

Review Over and Out.

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