Last October, General Motors announced a new business arm called GM Energy providing energy storage and management products and services, These were said to include stationary energy storage batteries for home and business, solar integration, and vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid technology. The offerings would be divided into Ultium Home and Ultium Commercial offerings. The commercial side switched on a while ago, it’s taken longer than planned to get the home products out. We now have info on the first trio of home energy solutions. GM Energy has wrapped them into Ultium Home bundles that serve three aims. 

The Ultium Home Energy System is the whole kaboodle, charging an EV, storing energy, and providing backup power for the home from the EV or a battery array. It comes with a GM PowerShift Charger that maxes out at 19.2 kWh, the Ultium Home V2H Enablement Kit that discharges a peak 9.6 kW of power back into the home when desired, and a PowerBank storage unit. The smaller PowerBank can store 10.6 kWh and discharge 5 kW, the larger unit can store 17.7 kWh and discharge 10 kW. Tesla’s Powerwall 2 stores 13.5 kWh and discharges at 7 kW. The bundle also gets an inverter, a home hub, and a dark start battery. The dark start battery reboots the system in case the main power grid fails.

The Ultium Home V2H Bundle is for EV owners who don’t need the storage. It includes the PowerShift Charger and the Ultium Home V2H Enablement Kit. 

The Ultium Home Energy Storage is for homeowners that don’t own an EV but want the storage. This bundles the PowerBank, inverter, and home hub, and can be plugged into a home’s solar array. If customers need help adding solar to their homes, GM partner SunPower can install the Ultium solutions and the sun-seeking panels.

All of them communicate with GM Energy Cloud, giving owners app-based control of moving energy where it’s needed. GM Energy still doesn’t have price and delivery details to share yet. Our guess is that the Ultium Home products won’t be far behind the initial deliveries of the retail 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST. 

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