Of all the loved ones in my life, there remains one person who is quite impossible to shop for, and I’m betting it’s the same for you. And look, I get it; your father has his own — and in many cases much more — money and is perfectly capable of shopping for himself if/when the need for something strikes. “Anything you want for Father’s Day, dad?” “About three months of sleep? A new house? A hybrid to drive to golf, so I’m not using the pickup all the time?”


Cool, coooooooool coo-coo-cool. Very helpful.

Thankfully, many of the electronics your dad would appreciate — likely some he’d never try on his own without some prodding from you — are on sale as deals tick back up with the beginning lead-up to the summer’s premier promotion, Amazon Prime Day. From solid Android smartwatches to sprinkler controllers, from tablets to televisions, there should be a sale here for every type of dad.

The best Father’s Day tech deals

  • Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series

    Best overall

    $600 $800 Save $200

    The cream of the crop among Amazon’s Fire TV series, the Omni QLED looks fantastic and is now available in more sizes than ever. The entire series is discounted, but the best values are the 55-inch at $430 and the 65-inch at $600. Fire TV is an easier smart TV interface than Google TV — at the very least it’s far more stable — and it comes with an Alexa Voice Remote so dad can just say “Alexa, turn on ESPN.”

  • Anker 313 USB-C 45W Charger

    Best value

    $21 $30 Save $9

    For the man who has everything, you can never have enough chargers. Especially ones as small and strong as the Anker Ace. This $21 charger is a practical price performer that can charge your dad’s phone, tablet, or even his laptop, and it’s small enough for him to slip in a pocket of his golf bag, suitcase, or pants. You never know when a storm will force everyone into the clubhouse and you need to recharge your nearly dead phone after 13 holes.

  • Apple iPad Air (5th Generation)

    Premium pick

    $500 $600 Save $100

    Does your dad spend too much time reading emails and investment briefings while hunched over his phone? Do his neck and eyes a favor and get him an iPad. Most tablet apps — and a great many websites — are optimized for iPad tablets, while Android tablets tend to get more blown-up phone apps or awkward proportions. So for reading and watching videos, you should probably buy your dad an iPad.

  • Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

    $140 $180 Save $40

    This doorbell films a big, wide-angle square so that you can see all the way to the floor and check on packages or whoever might be trying to steal them in the same frame. Two-way audio lets you ridicule their crappy emo hair and scare them away saying the package is full of live crickets to feed your pet spiders and scorpions. And this is only the second time this model has ever gone on sale.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Free Galaxy Buds 2

    $400 $1200 Save $800

    There’s a holy trinity of deals available for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. At Amazon, it’s $200 off. At Best Buy, it’s $225 off, and you can get a trade-in to take up to another $500 off. But both of those pale in comparison to AT&T’s deal: trade in any Galaxy S, Z, or Note phone and get $800 off the Galaxy S23 Ultra — and a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2.

  • Source: Bose

    Bose 700 Wireless Headphones

    $300 $380 Save $80

    With 20 hours of battery life and best-in-class ANC, the Bose 700 are an excellent choice for premium sound in a stylish, exceedingly comfortable package. While some competitors like the Sony WH-1000XM5 are similarly on sale, the Bose have deeper discounts and a better look to them, especially for your dad’s big, fat head.

  • Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen)

    $35 $60 Save $25

    Smart speakers are fine, but chances are your dad wants an actual clock on any nightstand speaker/alarm clock, “so I don’t have to ask it out loud every freaking time.” Privacy-minded parents will appreciate how easy the mute button on the Echo Dot is to reach, and the red light when muted is undeniable proof that it isn’t listening when you don’t want it to.

  • Nest Doorbell (Wired, 2nd Gen)

    $130 $180 Save $50

    While the 2nd gen Nest Doorbell (Battery) can have some thermal issues related to its battery, the wired version is more reliable, but deals on it have been fewer and further between. To see it discounted at all is a blessing, and if you’re after a video doorbell with full integration with Google’s ecosystem, now is the time.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

    $600 $700 Save $100

    If you are firmly in the Android ecosystem — especially the Samsung ecosystem — the Galaxy Tab S8 is one of the best tablets you can buy today, down to $600. Offering up excellent power, a wonderful 11-inch screen, and the most cohesive tablet UI on Android (sorry, Pixel Tablet), the Galaxy Tab S8 may have a successor on the horizon, but it’s the far better value.

  • UGREEN 65W Charging Station

    $70 $80 Save $10

    This little cube is a desktop charging station, extension cord, and surge protector all rolled into one. When only one USB-C port is in use, 65W is pretty good charging speed for laptops, but the power distribution even when all four ports are used is well-balanced. As if that’s not enough, you can plug in other chargers, smart devices, or any other electronic with the three AC plugs on the sides and top. A button on the back acts as an on/off switch and overcurrent protection.

  • Souce: Google

    Google Pixel Watch

    $300 $350 Save $50

    Google’s first in-house smartwatch is striking and gets to hog all of Wear OS’s newest features and apps before they eventually reach the Galaxy Watches and then the rest of the Wear OS market. While most watches only integrate with their own janky health apps, the Pixel Watch uses Fitbit — meaning it can be used for or towards those wellness incentives most insurance companies run these days — and comes with 6 months of Fitbit Premium.

Is your dad on AT&T? Time to get him a new nearly free phone!

The summer is a great time to pick up a new smartphone. Models launched early this year are seeing some impressive discounts while fall smartphones have enough rumors and leaks to give us a good idea of what’s coming — and whether you’d really want to wait another five months to Black Friday. AT&T has been popping phone deals left and right the last few weeks, and they’ve combined into an impressive Father’s Day sale on everything from super-cheap Pixels to a totally free Galaxy S23.

The Google Pixel 7a is $2 a month, no trade-in needed, and the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are $5 and $10 a month too. The $3 difference between the Pixel 7a vs the Pixel 7 is so small you almost need a magnifying glass to spot the difference, but they’re among the best cameras you can find on a smartphone today and available for stupidly low prices so long as you stick with AT&T for the next three years.

Even better, AT&T’s “Any Year, Any Condition” Galaxy trade-in deal is back, giving subscribers on unlimited plans $800 trade-in value for any working or broken Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, or Galaxy Note phone. Does your dad still have his old Galaxy S4 with the terrrrrrrrrrible battery as a “backup phone” in case his current S10 breaks? Trade in either one and grab a free Galaxy S23, $200 Galaxy S23+, or $400 Galaxy S23 Ultra. While I absolutely adore my baby Galaxy S23, chances are your dad will be much better off with the Galaxy S23+, which lacks the curved edges of the Ultra but still has plenty of room for larger-font text.

Oh, and both the S23+ and Ultra come with a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2 this weekend.

  • Source: Samsung

    Samsung Galaxy S23+

    $825 $1000 Save $175

    The Galaxy S23+ is the Goldilocks of its series. It’s not too small, not too big and unwieldy; it’s the perfect size with a flat screen, good battery, and all the power of its big sibling. While its normal $1000 price tag can seem a bit steep, AT&T’s “Any Year, Any Condition” lets you take it home for $200 and throws in a new pair of earbuds for your dad to listen to his investment seminars privately.

  • Source: Google

    Google Pixel 7a

    No trade-in required

    $2 a month on unlimited AT&T plans

    Google might’ve raised prices this year on the Pixel 7a, but AT&T just wiped that out and then some. Instead of paying $500 for a slightly smaller, slightly better-looking Pixel 7, you can take it home for less than $100 over the three-year payment plan. This is the first Pixel A-series to feature wireless charging, a proper 90Hz screen, and new sensors after years of old (but adequate) cameras.

  • Source: Google

    Google Pixel 7 Pro

    No trade-in required

    $10 a month on AT&T unlimited plans

    $700 $900 Save $200

    The most consistently awesome cameras on an Android phone you can buy today are on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. The telephoto lens exclusive to the 7 Pro combines with Google’s absolutely insane computational photography prowess to produce jaw-dropping shots, be they macro shot of a ladybug, zoom shots of a concert, or just saving the blurred photos of grandkids zooming around grandpa’s living room.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 giveaway

Speaking of the Galaxy Buds 2, AT&T gave us a few pairs to give away to our lovely readers this weekend. Simply enter via the widget below, and we’ll be drawing the winners on Monday. This is limited to participants in the United States, my deepest apologies to our international readers. (Don’t worry, we still love you, too!)

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