OpenAI’s ChatGPT garnered much interest when it publicly debuted in 2022, providing access to troves of information via a simple chat interface—be it travel tips or code-related logic. Its popularity means people will look for simple ways to access the tool, and it’s just become possible.

ChatGPT Comes to the Phone

On May 18th, 2023, OpenAI introduced its own ChatGPT app for iOS via a post on the OpenAI blog. According to the company, the release comes on the back of a continued increase in user interest, especially from those who love to use the tool when on the move.


The ChatGPT app is available for download via the App Store and will be free to use like its website counterpart. The app also features the ability to sync history across all devices. OpenAI also uses the application as a touch point for Whisper, its voice-to-text AI-powered solution, allowing users to provide prompts via voice input.

Furthermore, paying users can access GPT-4 and other benefits of the ChatGPT Plus subscription on the app too!

While it is disappointing not to see an Android application, OpenAI has stated it intends to launch an Android app next, though it is yet to share an exact date or time frame.

At the time of publishing, the ChatGPT app for iOS is only available for download in the United States. It will begin rolling out to more regions in the coming weeks.

Here’s How to Download ChatGPT on Your iPhone

To download ChatGPT on your iPhone, search the App Store with the keywords “ChatGPT” or “OpenAI.” The name of the official app is OpenAI ChatGP.

To verify you’re downloading the correct application, look for the app icon in the image below and ensure the mentioned developer is OpenAI; this will help you spot and avoid downloading a fake ChatGPT app.

Image Credit: OpenAI via App Store

Once you’ve identified the ChatGPT app on the App Store, tap the Get button to download the app and follow the authentication steps that your iPhone will prompt.

Use ChatGPT Seamlessly on Your iPhone

Launching an official ChatGPT app on the iPhone will make the service easier to access and significantly increase the ease of use, allowing users to focus more on using ideal prompts and getting a solution to their doubts sooner. It’s a welcome addition, and we hope there will be an Android counterpart soon.

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