Prabal Gurung: What I thought was really powerful was here’s an opportunity to bring attention to this particular story through Phillip’s reach, my own, Joy’s—all of us coming together to say, ‘hey, all we want is for you guys to see us, all we want is for you guys to hear our story.’

So, how does designing for TV differ from designing for a room full of editors and buyers at a fashion show?

PL: The aesthetics are so different. Our brand is rooted in reality, in functionality, and for this project, what was challenging was to push this kind of ostentatiousness, this gildedness. The Monkey King character that I focused on has these heavenly battle scenes, so it was interesting to use all these materials that are the opposite of what we would naturally work with and wear.

PG: For me, it was easy because I was creating for Michelle Yeoh’s character and it was pretty much in the realm of what I do, you know, floaty, beautiful. And I didn’t have to worry about the sales aspect of it, or the reviews. It was just the most fun. I used to sketch Wonder Woman’s costume, it felt like that.

Joy, have you done a lot of this, getting together with fashion designers, or is this a fairly unique situation?

Joy Cretton: It’s fairly unique. We always have these great ideas of… this would be cool to work on with fill in the blank, but those people have to be available to dedicate themselves to it. And we just move so fast. This is the first time it came to fruition because everybody was available.

The fashion show circuit doesn’t align with TV show production.

PL: That aspect of it, the timing, was surprising to me. Because, you know, with fashion we have to consider how the person wears it. And with film, it’s really about what it looks like image-wise. And also, how you have to turn things around in literally zero time.

JC: It’s a lot of cheating. Like, if you look at it from this angle, you guys would be horrified, but it looks perfect from the front!

It would be interesting to hear from you, Joy, what Prabal and Philip had to learn from you to get this to get this job done.

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