APC has a lot of confidence in this 11-outlet SurgeArrest, so much so that it offers a $100,000 equipment protection policy. Short of using it in a research lab to protect scientific instruments, we had a hard time coming up with a list of equipment to match that total. Multiple layers of protection guard against power surges coming through your coaxial TV cable, telephone/DSL lines, and home’s electrical outlets. There are LEDs to indicate protection status and building wiring faults.

The six outlets are spaced nicely to accommodate large power adaptors, and all of them have sliding covers to keep out dust and debris when you’re not using them. The heavy cord swivels 180 degrees so that it can lay flat and out of the way, no matter which way it’s oriented behind furniture.

Because of the SurgeArrest’s size and features, we found it most useful for elaborate entertainment or computer equipment.

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