A certain set of SBF-adjacent pundits were very excited about Eric Adams, quite convinced that getting 30% in a Democracy primary race in New York City with 4 competitive candidates made him an example to be emulated all across the country.

A week later, Mr. Adams posed for a portrait in his office, holding a wallet-size photo of Officer Venable after The New York Times had requested to see it. Mr. Adams has since repeated the moving anecdote in media interviews and at a Police Academy ceremony last June, where he again displayed Officer Venable’s picture.

But the weathered photo of Officer Venable had not actually spent decades in the mayor’s wallet. It had been created by employees in the mayor’s office in the days after Mr. Adams claimed to have been carrying it in his wallet.

I’m not sure if “SBF-adjacent” is important here, but we had about two years with many absolutely insane entries in the discourse that require some explanation.

National Dems were celebrating him, talk of a presidential run! Just great.

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