YOU HAVE PROBABLY picked up a kettlebell before, whether you were using it to swing, press, or carry—but have you really explored the full potential of these classic strength and conditioning tools? Kettlebells offer a distinct training experience compared to dumbbells, barbells, and other common gym implements, given their unique shape, weight distribution, and handle.

You shouldn’t just pick up a bell and start winging it around, though. Kettlebell exercises are accessible for all kinds of trainees, from beginners to experts, but you should have a good idea about what you’re doing before you get into your workout. Swings, cleans, and presses are all great movements to build strength, muscle, and improve your overall conditioning, and you’ll be best suited to include them into your workouts with some guidance and context about how to do them and when.

You’ll get all the top-level kettlebell info you need with the new Men’s Health book, No Gym Required: Kettlebells. The guide walks you through the principles of kettlebell training, from the anatomy of the implements themselves to the best ways that you can use them in your workouts for major gains, and contains plenty of applicable exercises for you to try at home.

Want to get moving immediately? This 14-day plan (which is the first part of the book’s larger 30-day program) is a great place to start—and it’s only available online for Men’s Health MVP members.


For the other half of the full 30-day program—plus other bonus workout routines and high-level kettlebell guidance—you’ll need to buy the new MH book, No Gym Required: Kettlebells. As an MH MVP member, you can use the exclusive code KETTLEBELL5 for an extra $5 off the purchase price.

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