Zeiss has denied the suggestion that it’s left the photography industry. A widely-reported post on the Fred Miranda forum claimed Zeiss’ Australian distributor had said the company is discontinuing its lenses and filters.

The company has denied the report:

‘Zeiss has not withdrawn from the photo lens market.

A simple look at https://www.zeiss.com/consumer-products/int/photography.html or amazon.com shows that we are still promoting and selling our photo lenses.

But we have to face the facts. In the first months of the pandemic, the global market declined significantly and irreversibly. And companies have to adapt.

And, of course, we are bringing our unique expertise to mobile imaging. Because it is also clear that consumers, as well as ambitious and professional photographers, increasingly prefer their smartphones for all-day photography.’

We’ve asked the company for more detail about what has been cut, per the comment about facing facts. It’s worth noting that many of the lenses Zeiss has historically produced have been for Canon’s EF and Nikon’s F DSLR mounts, which are likely to be in decline, now that both those brands have shifted their focus to mirrorless systems.

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